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Appendix B: Admission to or Disassociation from the Consortium

  1. Admission
    1. Proposal Requirements: A proposal requesting affiliation with the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers shall be submitted to the Chair of the Consortium 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the Consortium. The original and five copies of the proposal should be submitted to the Chair's office. Proposals may not exceed 12 double-spaced, typed pages of text. Except for resumes of key staff and letters of support, other attachments should not be appended.
    2. Contents of Proposal: The following information should be included in the proposal. Write clearly and to the point. Avoid "filler material." The proposal shall include the following components:
      1. Overview of the academic institution
      2. Overview of academic department(s) or unit(s) of the university proposing to create the new Housing Research Center (HRC) or to affiliate an existing center with the Consortium:
        1. Outline of Center's mission including its primary goals and objectives;
        2. How long the Center has been in operation;
        3. Description of key relationships with user groups most likely to benefit from the proposing center's housing research;
        4. User group's ties to consumers, industry etc. if these groups are different from the primary user group(s); and,
        5. Letters of support.
      3. Reasons for applying for membership; expectations from affiliation with the Consortium; anticipated contributions to the Consortium
      4. Description of the programs that would form the core of the HRC
      5. Discussion of the proposing unit's particular housing-related expertise that serves the state, region, or nation, including completed and ongoing projects, technical publications
      6. One-paragraph descriptions of principal researchers, with academic credentials, research interests, and most current research projects (resumes may be included as an appendix)
      7. Proposed organization chart with personnel identified on it (may be included as an appendix)
      8. Description of major support facilities and services for housing research (destructive and non-destructive testing laboratories and equipment, computer laboratories and equipment, analytical laboratories, think tanks etc.)
      9. The number of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in key housing-related programs (technology, planning, design or policy)
      10. A list of major and support courses related to housing (technology, planning, design or policy)
      11. A list of student or faculty clubs or organizations, and/or professional organizations that might participate in the HRC's activities
      12. Letters supporting the Institution's request for membership. Sources of support could include, the Dean of the College containing the HRC, Dept. Chair of the faculty members submitting the proposal, officers on boards of directors of state or local HBAs
    3. Evaluation of the Proposal: Overall completeness of the proposal and a demonstrated ability to undertake high quality housing research and to disseminate the findings of same to industry and to society will be considered necessary for affiliation with the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers. Centers with emphases in a broad range of housing education, research and outreach activities are encouraged to apply for affiliation with the Consortium. No quantitative scoring process shall be used to evaluate proposals.

      Each proposal shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Consortium and a recommendation of acceptance or denial of admission made to the entire Consortium at the next annual meeting following receipt of the proposal. A two-thirds majority vote of those present at the meeting shall be required for admission. A quorum of the Consortium must be present to vote on admission. In the case of a denial, the applicant shall be given a written description of how its proposal would need to be strengthened to gain acceptance in future years. Re-application can be made at one-year intervals.
  2. Disassociation
    1. Non-Participation by a Center
      1. The Consortium's Board of Directors may request a Housing Research Center to discontinue its association with the Consortium under the following circumstances:
        1. Failure to be represented at two consecutive meetings of the Consortium Board of Housing Research Center Directors; and/or
        2. Misrepresentation or misuse of the relationship existing between the Consortium, the NAHB Research Center, and the National Association of Home Builders.
      2. The decision on disassociation shall be made by the Consortium's Board of Directors.
      3. Notification of the decision on disassociation shall be made to the Director of the University-Based Housing Research Center concerned, and to other appropriate institutional authorities.
    2. Discontinuing Membership in the Consortium: A Consortium member may discontinue its membership in the Consortium by written notification to the Consortium Board of Housing Research Center Directors.
    3. Deferment of Membership: A Consortium member may ask to temporarily defer or suspend its active participation in the Consortium's activities by written request directed to the Board of Directors and approved by same. During the period of suspension, annual reports, meeting attendance, and payment of fees shall be suspended. Suspension of participation shall not last longer than two calendar years. After two years, permanent disassociation may be made by the Board of Directors.

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