Current Research

Member organizations conduct housing research, publish papers, and participate in outreach activities. Find out more about current research activities by the National Consortium of Housing Research Centers.

See the newly released Green Building Educator's Toolkit (PDF)

Cornell University
Housing Research and Education Program

Activities, publications, and honors for 2011 included:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

University of Georgia
Housing and Demographics Research Center

Noteworthy projects, publications, and activities for 2011 included:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

Louisiana State University
Department of Construction Management and Industrial Engineering

Activities in 2010 include the following:

Michigan State University
Housing Education and Research Center (HERC)

The Housing Education and Research Center worked on several research projects and reports, including:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

University of Minnesota

Activities in 2011 include the following:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

NAHB Research Center, Inc.

Published in September 2010, the Green Building Educator's Toolkit (PDF) provides an annotated bibliography for two- and four-year university programs in Residential Construction Management. It represents an assessment of and response to institutions' needs for instructional materials on sustainability and green building. The Toolkit contains the following types of items:

Many initiatives were conducted in 2010, including:

2010 Annual Report (PDF)

Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania Housing Research Center

PHRC's activities and accomplishments for 2010 include:

2010 Annual Report (PDF)

Purdue University
Housing Research Center

The Purdue Housing Research Center's activities and accomplishments for 2011 include:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

State Farm Insurance Companies

State Farm's Building Technology Research Unit conducted several research projects and activities, including topics such as:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)

Virginia Tech Center for Housing Research

Virgina Tech had several significant accomplishments, including:

2011 Annual Report (PDF)